Connections for Piano

Connections for Piano

Connections for Piano

by Christopher Norton

Now available exclusively from Debra Wanless Music in Canada, Christopher Norton’s Connections for piano is a collection of pieces in popular styles.  Connections is perfect for students and teachers looking for a sound pedagogical alternative to classical piano literature.

Esteemed composer Christopher Norton created over 180 original new pieces especially for Connections. The pieces correspond level-wise to many of the world’s examination boards, so that students from many countries can enjoy and benefit from the books. The books are progressive moving from Elementary (Level 1) to Early Advanced (Level 8) and each book in Connections provides entrance level works progressing to more advanced pieces in preparation for the next stage of learning. Connections showcases a variety of appealing styles such as jazz, blues, Latin, swing, country, funk, and reggae.

The play-along recordings (available for purchase) allow students to feel what it is like to play a style with their own band! Each of the pieces has backing tracks at practice and performance tempo. The recorded accompaniments created for Connections by professional studio musicians reinforce the styles and double as useful backgrounds for improvising and jamming. Every work has four play-along studio recording-tracks – with and without the piano part and at two speeds:

  • at a practice tempo, without piano
  • up to speed, without piano
  • at a practice tempo, with piano
  • up to speed, with piano

Connections resonates with students of all ages giving them relevant, modern music that all will want to play.

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