Keyboard Harmony & Fake Books

Keyboard Harmony

Everyone wants to improvise, play-by-ear and realize lead sheets at the piano. The Keyboard Harmony Series offers students and independent learners the opportunity to build these very skills. The four book series is designed to provide a curriculum which develops processing, harmonic vocabulary and complete comprehension of basic ‘functional’ skills at the piano.  This unique series is recommended by Conservatory Canada and Northern Lights Canadian National Conservatory of Music. It prepares everyone for realizing lead sheets and improvising at the keyboard; it also encourages transposition and even singing-along. Regardless of how you choose to use the Keyboard Harmony Series – you are in for hours of fun and ‘deep’ learning for the life-long sport of making music.

Fake Books

Our Fake Books are perfect companions to the Keyboard Harmony Series. Check out 153 Fun Tunes to Harmonize and 26 Songs of Christmas.


Our friends at Conservatory Canada have produced a new video series to help teachers understand their new keyboard harmony requirements for their classical piano syllabus. These tutorials break down the exercises into easy teaching steps, while referencing examples seen in their syllabus. Our Keyboard Harmony series was recommended as a resource for teaching keyboard harmony requirements!

Grade 4-5

Grade 6

Grade 7-8