Our Composers

Our Composers

Debra Wanless Music is a full service publishing and production organization for print music. Robert and Debra Wanless have worked in the music industry for many years and have recently expanded their business to provide unique services and advice to composers and writers.

Andrew Harbridge

Beth Hamilton

Carolyn Pratt

Christopher Norton

David Dahlgren

Debra Wanless

Diane Hunter

Emily Doolittle

Ernst Schneider

Ian Green

Ina Dykstra & Jan Randall

Jack Behrens

Jennifer Lanthier

Jesse Brown

Joyce Pinckney

Julianne Warkentin

Karen Rowell

Kevin Knelman

Lynette Sawatsky

Nancy Telfer

Noreen Broomhead

Rémi Bouchard

Randy Demmon

Thelma Gillis

Wendy Edwards Beardall-Norton