A Rainbow of Sound Book 1

A Rainbow of Sound Book 1


Eight Piano Solos for One Hand

Early Elementary Piano Solos

by Debra Wanless

A Rainbow of Sound is a collection of four books containing eight works each for one hand alone. The titles within each collection of A Rainbow of Sound either incorporate rainbow elements, images and characters or include colours of the rainbow. Varied tonalities, metres and styles have been carefully selected for level appropriateness. Each book offers four works for each hand with one of these works playable by either hand.

A Rainbow of Sound Book 1 titles and styles include: Bright Blue Boogie; dances Mr. Green – the Leprechaun (jig) and The Hobbits Dance Under the Rainbow; rock- style in Red Sky Rhythm; Impressionistic-style in Purple Penta Prism; the modal mix of Raindrop Prelude; and the delightful character pieces Puddle Jumping and The Druids’ Coloured Arch.

A Rainbow of Sound Book 1 provides early elementary students with ideal recreational works, examination, festival and recital repertoire, as well as quick studies.

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