Keyboard Harmony Enhanced

Book 4

By Debra Wanless

NEW! Keyboard Harmony Enhanced Book 4 has been added to the ever popular Keyboard Harmony series by Debra Wanless.  The Keyboard Harmony is the perfect series to develop playing-by-ear, improvisation, harmonization and transposition – a must have for recreational and study purposes.

Keyboard Harmony Enhanced Book 4 provides numerous progressions in keyboard style and develops harmonization of major and minor melodies written with five sharps and four flats. Keys have been selected to expand skills beyond the Advancing Level and to coordinate with Canadian curriculum. Keyboard Harmony Enhanced Book 4 makes it easy to select the keys and progressions on which you wish to focus.

General information in Keyboard Harmony Enhanced Book 4 is expanded to include topics such as appoggiaturas, tierce di Picardie, suspensions, the use of chord inversions, secondary chords, dominant seventh chords, slash chords and much more.

Recommended by Conservatory Canada and Northern Lights Canadian National Conservatory of Music for Grades/Levels 9 and 10.


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