Pianozzazz Level One

Pianozzazz Level One


Elementary Piano Solos

by Wes Froese, Andrew Harbridge, Christopher Norton and Debra Wanless

Pianozzazz is a new and exciting series by Wes Froese, Andrew Harbridge, Christopher Norton and Debra Wanless. Pianozzazz Level One includes 16 Elementary Piano Solos in a wide range of styles, keys and metre. Each level of Pianozzazz includes entrance level works progressing to more advanced pieces in preparation for the next stage of learning.  Titles include: Desert Dessert (Mediterranean); Park Place (swing); Stomp! Clap (rock); Sub (rock); Astronaut in Space (character piece); East Side Boogie; The Big Brown Bear Birthday Boogie Beach Bash; The Hunter (character piece); Looking for Something (rock); Cutting the Mustard (swing); Shadow Dance (neo Classical); The Colour of Water (pop ballad);  Deep in the Caverns (character piece); Pentastic! (blues); Riding the Athabasca Trail on an Appaloosa (western swing)); We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar (folksong).

Pianozzazz provides teachers and students with ideal pedagogical works for festival, recital, examination and ‘fun’,  recreational  repertoire. Kids will play cover to cover – a must-have!

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