Okanagan Opus 1: 5 Moods of Ogopogo (PDF Download)

Okanagan Opus 1: 5 Moods of Ogopogo (PDF Download)


Intermediate to Advancing piano solos

The Okanagan Opus Series draws on the life and music of renowned Canadian composer, Ernst Schneider. The works within The Okanagan Opus Series have been organized by level and/or themes; a broad range of styles have been included. The pieces within the series demonstrate Schneider’s creative genius and his response and love of both his musical and natural surroundings – especially his beloved Okanagan Valley.

The Five Moods of Ogopogo  are teaching pieces for intermediate pianists aimed at developing independence of the two hands through various forms of touch and shifting of melodic lines. While the pieces contain some contemporary idioms such as fragments of different modes, polytonality and small chord clusters, they are relatively conservative, intending to provide an introduction to contemporary music. Image the feelings Ogopogo is experiencing in each of these wonderful character pieces and strive to capture this that mood as you play.

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to the SOCAN Foundation for financial support in the production of this series.

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